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Spiros Realty LLC, Your Source for Turn-Key Real Estate Services.


At Spiros Realty LLC, we strive to provide all of the services our clients need.  From commercial and residential sales to property management and general contracting, our goal is simple: to be a one-stop shop for everyone from residential home owners to real estate investors. 

Commercial and Residential Sales

Property Management

General Contracting

The real estate professionals working for our firm possess a variety of talents that can be used to meet your needs, whether they are commercial or residential.  John Waldron, broker and owner, possesses experience in single family and multifamily residential. Justin Sherfy, a real estate salesperson with the firm, brings years of experience as a real estate investor to his clients. Mary Nielsen, a real estate salesperson, has developed her talents by working for over two years primarily as a residential buyers agent. Taken as a whole, these and other professionals working for Spiros Realty LLC are ready to meet your needs. 

Spiros Realty LLC has been providing residential property management services since 2007.  Currently we manage 75 units with a 98 percent occupancy rate.  We manage both single family and multifamily builidngs, with the majority of our inventory being multi-family.   


Our average rents range from $650.00 to $925.00 a month for apartments and $980.00 to $1,250.00 a month for single family units. Our owners range from investors holding one or two single family homes to those holding more than 10 multifamily units. 

Founded in 2008, Immanuel's Choice Contracting LLC was established to meet the remodeling and rehabilitation needs of Spiros Realty LLC.  Today the firm employs 4 full-time employees and completes roughly 24 projects a year for our property owners.  Recent projects include exterior siding replacement and painting at 1822 N. Olive and 435 Eleanor, and interior remodeling of units located at 401, 403, 407 and 426 Natalen and 1716 Olive.  Property owners interested in hiring Immanuel's Choice Contracting should call the Spiros Realty LLC office to set up and appointment for an estimate. 

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