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Client Testimonials


Here is what our clients are saying about Spiros Realty LLC!






It was a pleasure working with John and Spiros Realty LLC.  John's knowledge of the real estate business made selling my house a stress free event.  He handled all of the details of the sale ensuring all parties involved were 100% satisfied with the deal.  Great job!  I will definitely use Spiros Realty for any future real estate deals.


                                                                                             - Byron Black, Pipe Creek Texas 


John Waldron and Spiros Realty LLC have been wonderful partners and property managers for my four unit townhouse in San Antonio.  Before John took over as property manager, we were having significant issues with tenant attrition, damage to the units, and tenants not paying rent. John came in and handled everything.  First he handled the evictions of tenants that were failing to pay rent.  He also fixed all damage that had been caused by other tenants.  John instituted processes to better screen tenants during the application process.  Now, a year later, our property is fully rented and has been for 9 months.  We have also been able to raise rents because John has kept the quality of the property high.  I would recommend John and his team as excellent property managers in the San Antonio area.


                                  - Michael Flynn, former owner of 241-247 Deerwood, San Antonio, Texas 


Our experience with Spiros Realty LLC has been a successful one.  If you are looking for competence and rapid response, call John Waldron at Spiros Realty.  


                                                                    - East to West Properties LLC, San Antonio, Texas 


The concept of finding a new place really was nerve wracking being that I am moving from out of town. You (Sara Ochoa) were and remain to be very professional however whenever I called you I felt like I had a friend in my corner and to be frank talking with you has been the easiest part of moving. You have a very positive and fun attitude and it has put me at ease. Anyway, I can't wait to say "it feels so good to be home." I want to make sure you understand all of your help has been GREATLY appreciated. Your excellent customer service had a LARGE impact on the sale and me picking this apartment. 


                                                                                            - Brian Martin, San Antonio, Texas 


I have had Spiros Realty and John Waldron manage my rental properties for over a year now. 

I appreciate their professionalism and responsiveness.  Since shifting my business to them, my rent collections have increased and my operating expenses have decreased.   They have the expertise to market, collect, evict, maintain, remodel and sell any investor’s rental property portfolio.  Thank you Spiros Realty.


                                                                                                     - Craig Davis,  Austin, Texas 

John helped me purchase a property in San Antonio, Texas several years ago.  His team helped with the remodel and he helped manage the property as well.  The property was particularly difficult but John and his team were able to keep it rented and running fairly smoothly.



                                                                                                            - James,  Austin, Texas 

When I met John in 2007 I was new to real estate investment, and I had purchased my first flip.  Since that time John has helped guide me to several investment properties, helped me find my permanent residence, and even sponsored my real estate license.  John went beyond being a real estate agent.  He became a mentor and helped me turn a profit of 50% or more on every investment property.  My first flip was the only property where I lost money.  If only I had met John a few months earlier.


                                                                                          -  Justin Sherfy, San Antonio, Texas

I have rented from Spiros now for a year and have been treated with respect. They always came through for me and my roommate. I would highly recommend them to rent from as they always answer at a timely manner and to get ahold of them is so convenient. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with. 



                                                                                       - Ashley Moreno, San Antonio, Texas

John was a great realtor.  He helped us find our duplex in New Braunfels for purchase, and then helped us sell it – for a nice return on our investment – 4 years later.



                                                                                       - Jason DeSouza, San Antonio, Texas

When our property owner started using Spiros as a manager, the transition went smoothly, and Spiros was flexible in working with us to draft a new lease. Spiros has been helpful in clearly explaining the terms of our lease. Furthermore, the general quality of our neighboring tenants has improved since Spiros started managing the apartment.



                                                                                    - Jennifer Schooley, San Antonio, Texas

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